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A b o u t  P a n e l T E K    P a n e l T E K  H i s t o r y

Turnkey Electrical Panels and Engineering Services
PanelTEK LLC is your single source for the highest quality electrical control panels for use in commercial and industrial equipment and facilities. From needs assessment to final installation, our turnkey solutions are optimally designed to satisfy your organization's specific needs and requirements.
  • Engineering Services
    PanelTEK Engineering Servicesapplication solutions, control design, prototypes, software development, and documentation
  • Custom Control Panel Assembly
    wiring and layout, cables and harnesses, and functional electrical testing
  • System Start-up and Support
    field service, on-site training, telephone and modem technical support and troubleshooting

Custom Control Panel Assembly
Highly trained assemblers convert engineering designs to finished products. They know what to look for because they have done it before. Nothing takes the place of experience.
  • PanelTEK Control Panel AssemblyLayout and Wiring
    in accordance with customer approved documentation and detailed work instructions
  • Pre-assembled Cables and Harnesses
    eliminates potential wiring errors
  • Automated Crimping Machines
    ensures reliable terminations
  • Functional Electrical Tests
    guarantees fast start-up when the equipment is installed onsite
  • System Start-up and Support
    A project isn't finished until the equipment is installed and operating properly. PanelTEK stays involved and guarantees satisfaction.
  • On-site System Start-up and Training
    overview of equipment and operating procedures, explanation of diagnostics and troubleshooting procedures
  • Vendor Associations and Certifications
    ensures qualified and expert support
  • Technical Phone Support
    back-up expertise for hard to solve problems
  • Modem Support
    for equipment including programmable logic controllers, internet enabled products, and other "smart products"

P a n e l T E K  L L C

Electrical Panels and Engineering Services
130 East Larsen Drive
Fond du Lac, WI 54937       
Phone: 920-906-9457
Fax: 920-906-9460

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